Mike Hill

Engineering Consultant delivering

independent advice on all aspects of fracking


About ME

I am an engineering consultant and Chartered Engineer who has worked in the oil and gas sector for decades.  Both myself  and my associates have advised/assisted many different organisations involved in the fracking arena. These include: local councils, county councils, U.K. Govt. Departments, EU Commission JRC Committees, professional bodies and residents action groups.   We  have executed extensive  research into the regulatory regime and inspection strategy  for onshore shale gas exploration and development in the UK since 2010.  The risks and their mitigation form a key part of the papers and briefing notes that we publish. Our aim is to offer impartial independent advice with clear unambiguous conclusions. Cutting through the fog that is fracking requires technical expertise, knowledge, engineering know how and incredible attention to detail.  Fracking is complex; the arguments are complex. We make sense of it for you here but always urge and encourage all to verify for themselves  and execute their own research so that they can be sure and satisfied their own conclusions are valid. 







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